Wife Lit Husband On Fire Because He Wanted A Divorce, Charged With ‘Mayhem’

Authorities say a woman set her husband on fire while he slept in Wisconsin after he reportedly asked for a divorce.

29-year-old Tuhonsty Marie Smith has been charged with domestic abuse, mayhem and recklessly endangering safety, as well as arson of a building, CBS 58 reported Tuesday. Smith’s husband, Henry Williams, suffered large second-and third-degree burns but survived the attack.

According to court documents, Williams alleged that his wife’s “weird” behavior was a result of a discussion between the two about possibly getting a divorce after an eight-year relationship, the Sacramento Bee reported

Williams claimed that he returned home from work on the night of June 2, but Smith, who was pacing in circles, would not talk to him. The couple got into an argument later that night, as Williams declared he planned to move out of the house without her. However, Smith’s erratic behavior immediately intensified following the exchange, the Sacramento Bee reported.

After Williams put their 3-month-old child to bed at around midnight and went to sleep, authorities said Williams woke up to the back of his head on fire, according to the Sacramento Bee. (RELATED: Woman Initially Believed To Have Been Killed In Burglary Was Allegedly Murdered By Husband For Life Insurance Money)

Williams then ran to his other child’s bedroom who was not in the house at the time where he attempted to put out the fire with his bare hands before realizing that the bedroom was engulfed in flames. “The fire was so fierce so he ran back into his bedroom and grabbed his daughter from her crib in his room and ran out the front door and ran to his parents’ house behind his,” police said, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Smith, allegedly the only other person at the home aside from the 3-month-old, admitted that she had set Williams on fire, police said. The Sacramento Bee also reported that Smith believed her husband had poisoned chicken wings she ate.

“Smith stated this morning, she started eating chicken wings and thought Henry poisoned them,” authorities said, according to the Sacramento Bee. “Smith stated she waited until Henry was asleep … (and) she poured some lighter fluid from the closet in a cup and went where he was sleeping. Smith stated she poured the fluid on Henry’s head and ignited the liquid with a lighter.”

A judge ruled Wednesday that Smith will undergo a competency examination and will remain in Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department custody for the time being, according to the Sacramento Bee. 

Denise Wilson, a friend of Williams, told CBS 58 that she is “heartbroken” for him. “I’m just glad he was able to get the baby out and that he’s going to be OK,” Wilson told CBS 58. “It’ll be a long road to recovery with his burns but ultimately he’ll be OK.” 

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