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“Ha! We already control how they breathe. Breathe — can you believe it? And their medical care. And their protection before the law. And how they communicate. And their electricity and gasoline. Oh, and their income, mobility, death taxes, school choice, and voting. So what’s the next step?”

Federal Government Drastically Cuts Water Deliveries to California Cities, Farms
SF Gate | May 26, 2021 | Amy Graff

In a drastic move signaling California’s looming drought crisis, federal water managers announced Wednesday they’re cutting water allocations to farms and cities again.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which supplies water in California through the Central Valley Project, said it expects to cut its delivery to the urban areas it serves by more than half, allocating 25% of the contracted amount rather than the 55% that was announced earlier.

Water districts in the San Francisco Bay Area that have contracts with the Central Valley Project and are affected by the cut.

The federal government also announced that their water allocations to farm-irrigation districts in the Central Valley will be reduced to zero. In February, the bureau allocated farmers 5% of their contract supply.

All that remains is a tax on “thingy.”

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