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Not exactly BMX-related news, but it impacts our readers, industry and athletes in this little corner of the cycling universe, so we are reporting it. With 12 weeks to go til the October 7 start of their 2021 festival in Moneterey, CA, Sea Otter Classic has announced that their 2021 event has been postponed/canceled.

A release stated the following:

After reviewing the impact that the new Delta variant of COVID is having on communities across the country and the now normalized “go fast-go hard lockdown” response from state and territory governments, it’s clear that a Sea Otter event unaffected by COVID in the coming 12 weeks is highly unlikely.

The safety and welfare of our Sea Otter family is paramount, as is our desire to ensure that we deliver excellent value for the investments made by exhibitors, riders, sponsors and spectators alike. Unfortunately, we are no longer confident that this is realistic as a result of the new COVID variants.

Consequently, we have decided to postpone the 2021 delivery of Sea Otter Australia to the weekend of September 29 – October 3, 2022.

Sea Otter has pretty-much every form of cycling on-offer. BMX is just not part of it, which is both puzzling and unfortunate–for them and us.

Still, household name BMXers have gone out with their “big bikes” and taken home wins and podium finishes in many of the disciplines we would expect them to dominate. It’s great to see them up there, but you know…stings a little too, to see BMX out of the spotlight of such a broad-based cycling event.

Cycling, in general, has not been very proactive when it comes to younger riders (full disclosure: they DO have some MTB programming for the younger crowd). But we have thousands of them, right here, and our tracks are doing incredible, and often thankless, work to recruit kids into cycling, and keep them engaged. That should rate a spot, for beginner and pro racing, at the very least, to let us showcase what WE do.

Who knows…14 months is a long time and, as we all know, the world can change in unexpected ways in far-less time. Maybe we’ll get the call.

—Mike Carruth

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