Fort Worth siblings were killers a month apart, police say as both charged with murder

Jasmine and Jimmy Lenard shared parents, an apartment and now a crime. Murder.

About a month apart, the siblings each killed a man in Fort Worth, police allege.

Jimmy Lenard, 19, is accused in the May 17 killing of Anthony Fields, 20, on East Robert Street near South Riverside Drive in southeast Fort Worth. Fields was shot in his head in a parking lot at the Valley at Cobb Park apartments.

Police arrested Jimmy Lenard on June 3, and he was charged with murder on Tuesday.

Police have not described the circumstances of Fields’ killing or its motive.

Twenty-four days earlier, Jasmine Lenard, 20, told police she was holding a knife as she was about to cut fruit for her child when the father of her children, Camron Brown, tried to give her a hug.

The knife went through his chest, and he collapsed and died on the floor on April 23, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Lenard called 911 and told an operator that Brown “ran into the knife.” Brown was 21.

A Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy showed that a significant amount of force would have been needed to cause the injury. The knife went through a bone and into Brown’s heart, according to affidavit that supported Jasmine Lenard’s arrest.

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