The Best Restaurants In South Beach – South Beach – Miami

If you’re looking for places to eat outside in South Beach right now, check out this guide. It has the most current info on who’s open during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Metal detectors can very easily tell the difference between an old sock and a diamond ring so you don’t have to dig a hole and find out yourself. We wish something similar existed that could help us easily find the best restaurants in South Beach, because this neighborhood can be a minefield. Of course, most of us know to avoid Ocean Drive – or risk paying $75 for a margarita that is not suppose to be that color – but it’s still hard to figure out which places are only in business thanks to the occasional wandering tourist and which actually serve good food.

Consider this guide to be your restaurant metal detector in South Beach. It has 14 great spots – including one of Miami’s best pizzas, a few places that work great for dates, and an omakase inside the Versace Mansion. Now you can eat in South Beach worry-free.

All restaurants on The Infatuation are selected by our editorial team. The Best Restaurants In South Beach is presented by Nike.

This Argentinian restaurant is one of the best options in South Beach when you’re looking for something between take-out and take-out-a-loan, which is a small circle for this area. But Orilla is stylish enough to remind you that you are, in fact, in South Beach, and the outdoor seating along 5th Street is about as close as you want to get to eating on Ocean Drive. There are very tasty small plates like grilled pork sausage, jumbo prawns with grilled avocado, and arancini. You’ll be fine if you stick to those instead of the larger entrees, but the very good $18 wagyu cheeseburger is one of the best you’ll find in South Beach.

Impromptu trips to La Sandwicherie are as inevitable in Miami as traffic, terrifyingly hot summers, and spotting iguanas in your backyard. It’s hard not to cross paths with this little sidewalk sandwich cafe eventually. Maybe it’ll be for some 3am late-night food after some beers at Mac’s across the street, or 3pm after a long, hot beach day. But you will find yourself here at some point, and when you do, get the Napoli on a baguette, locate the squeeze bottle of vinaigrette, and shower her in sauce until you can’t see the sandwich anymore.

There are many different kinds of South Beach, but if you’re looking for the version that’s wearing a neon pink suit and driving a yellow Lamborghini down Ocean Drive, make a reservation at Sushi By Bou. The more you describe this place, the more ridiculous it sounds. It’s a six-seat omakase inside the Versace Mansion – like actually inside. The place still looks and feels like Gianni’s old cigar lounge, because it was. The 17-course sushi dinner (which is good, by the way) costs $125 per person. And if you’re interested in this very specific version of South Beach, the kind made out of velvet ropes and $100 bills, it’s worth trying once. And probably just once.

There is no mistaking you’re in South Beach when you go to Planta. There are small trees in the dining room and a clean, bright design that’s equal parts day spa and plastic surgeon’s office. This place screams health, but make it fashion, and all the food here is plant-based – which is great if you’re vegan, but also shouldn’t matter too much if you’re not. Their burgers, sushi, and queso are all very good, regardless of ingredients.

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