Yamaha’s THR30IIA is a wireless amp for acoustic guitar players

On the top of the amp, you’ll find a three-way stereo imager switch, bass, middle and treble adjustment knobs. There are also AUX, headphone and MIDI inputs, so you can operate the amp with a footswitch. Naturally, you can also use the THR Remote app to tweak your settings. There’s also a USB connection and bundled Steinberg software to record any music you create with the app. Another option for recording tracks is the Yamaha Rec’n’Share app.       

At $869, the THR30IIA is expensive — even for Yamaha’s THR lineup — but we’ve found we have always liked what the THR amps have had to offer and you’re getting a lot of features for the price. The THR30IIA will go on sale starting in November.  

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