Election: Let’s Get Ready to Rummmble!

(Steven Hayward)

So here’s a special bonus open to all Power Line readers: Tomorrow from 12:50 – 2 pm, Pacific Time, I’ll be doing a dialogue about the election on Zoom with political scientist Thomas Mann, who was one of the earliest carriers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the out-of-control pandemic on the left. I’ve actually known Tom for 40 years, having met him when I was a precocious undergraduate. And yet somehow he still looks younger than me.

We’re going to kick around—I hope—the serious long-term issues facing both parties at the moment, come what may next Tuesday. Anyway, if you want to tune in to listen, and throw in a question, you’ll find the Zoom link below.

Here’s the advert for the event:

And here’s the Zoom link (n.b.: the reason for the odd time is that we need to fit into the law school’s daily class schedule, and this event is co-sponsored by the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law):


P.S. This is the kind of live event that you get access to if you sigh up to be a Power Line VIP member. Just sayin.

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