The Link Up: Emily’s New Matching Pajama Set, Mallory’s $20 Mules & An (Actually) Indestructible Dog Toy

Hey everybody & welcome back to the Link Up. I think we should just hop right on in since September is basically over and time is of the essence.

With that, let’s get right into the house tour for the week. This home tour is a London flat we found via Remodelista & it has an insanely good kitchen. We’re gonna shock you with this one… because speaking of the kitchen, those steel cabinets are from IKEA (go look at it you probably won’t believe me). We also love that paint job in the bedroom. Excellent work Red Deer & Studio Thorne. Snaps to you!

From Emily: This is SUCH a good bed especially for the price. Looks so high-end.

Also From Emily: Amber Lewis’ line just launched at Anthropologie and it’s pretty great! I’m a BIG fan of this coffee table (and not just because I like the name obviously)

Also, Also From Emily: Too soon? The best matching holiday PJs ALWAYS sell out in one of our sizes, thus negating the whole “matching” thing, so while I had no intention of going the holiday route so early (Birdie just needs a new nightgown so I was shopping) I found this black and white buffalo check with a hint of holiday that has MATCHING SETS FOR THE DOGS and snagged them early. If you think I’ve gone too far too early, trust me that I’m not alone. This year, due to COVID, we are home and looking forward to any holiday moments and even Brian said (with no sarcasm, I swear), “see if they have any matching Halloween PJs for us”. I scrambled to type those words down before he realized what he said. I WILL, BRIAN, OH I WILL.

From Mallory: If there’s one thing I’m ready for, it’s fall. So I’ve been denim shopping (at Madewell, of course) and just found these straight leg jeans. I LOVE THEM. They’re 40% off for Madewell insiders btw. Since we’re talking about Madewell, I also found this cardigan in the sale section and the ruffle on the sleeve is too cute for me to handle. I just ordered it and can’t wait for it to come so I can wear it with these shoes that I stole from my mom’s closet (which are also on sale for 55% off…so yeah, they’re $20 mules…) all of these items together will be my fall uniform if you care to partake in this outfit & match with me 🙂

From Caitlin: I’m coming up on 7 years with my cat so I bought her this bed as an adoptaversary present (this is normal, right??) and IT’S A MIRACLE because she LOVES IT. She has eschewed every. single. bed. I have bought for her for years, so this feels like a huge win for me. When I go to bed every night, she typically pokes around and walks on top of me till she can find a cranny to sink into, so I was hoping this bed would create a similar feeling and IT WORKED. It’s 20% off right now and as a bonus, there’s also a photo of the cutest golden retriever I HAVE EVER SEEN modeling the XL size in silver.

From Jess: One of the gifts that we got Julie for her last day was this bath soak. I am sure Julie has spoken about her love of baths, so when she said how much she loved the smell, it meant A LOT. I’m now thinking I might need to grab one myself:) I mean who doesn’t want soft, hydrated, and really good smelling skin???

From Ryann: My dog is notorious for absolutely destroying dog toys. Whenever I buy him one it lasts about 10 minutes before he has completely ripped it to shreds and I am out $10 to $15 bucks. BUT HE HAS FINALLY MET HIS MATCH. This toy is indestructible and he loves it. It’s already lasted over a week which is a record.

Also from Ryann: P.S. if anyone’s wondering about the stick on nails I talked about last week – I absolutely love them! They are easy to apply and they look SO good.

Sales are going strong this weekend, and we’d like to call attention to a few…

Calling all healthcare workers! World Market is offering 20% off plus free shipping on orders over $49 as a small token of gratitude. THANK YOU for your service.

Apt2B (where our sweet Arlyn works now!!) is having a sale also…15% Off Storewide and Up to 65% Off the Entire Outlet PLUS Free Shipping at Apt2B. Valid 9/22-9/28. Enjoy 🙂

That’ll be all. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by courtesy of Red Deer | Design by Red Deer and Studio Thorn | via Remodelista

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