Republican Group Launches Ad Campaign Against Donald Trump’s Big Election Year Policy

A group tied to the Republican Party’s top state-level political outfit has done something almost unheard of this close of a presidential election: they’ve taken out an ad attacking a key policy plank of their own party’s president.

The ad doesn’t mention Donald Trump by name. But the target is clear: a new drug price proposal that the president has made a cornerstone of his pitch to eldely voters. So too is the sponsor’s allegiance. In airing the spot, the State Government Leadership Foundation doesn’t hide the fact that they’ve taken the side of a top pharmaceutical trade group—one that happens to have given their network millions of dollars in support—in its dispute with Trump over the measure.

The new digital ad was released on Friday by SGLF, a “dark money” affiliate of the Republican State Leadership Committee, a political action committee that works to elect Republicans to state legislatures and other state-level positions. An SGLF spokesperson did not respond to questions about the ad.

The 30-second video levels a broadside against Trump’s most favored nations executive order that would require Medicare to pay for certain drugs only if they are priced comparably to prices paid in other developed nations.

“America is leading the world in medical research and innovation, working around the clock for groundbreaking cures and vaccines,” the group’s new ad declares. “But now a foreign price setting executive order threatens all that, letting foreign governments when, and which drugs, Americans get access to, delaying critical treatments right when we need them most.”

President Trump unveiled the executive order at issue this month. And he has pointed to the measure on the campaign trail as evidence that he is taking on the pharmaceutical industry in an effort to reduce drug prices for seniors in particular.

Asked to comment on the SGLF ad, White House spokesman Judd Deere told The Daily Beast that the president “is not going to be intimidated out of also delivering lower prices to seniors by this embarrassing attempt to confuse the public.” Deere said the administration “has invested billions in the development of therapeutics and vaccines to respond to COVID-19.”

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