Erika Jayne Wishes Denise Richards Stayed On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; She’s “Frustrated” Denise Couldn’t Acknowledge What She Said On Camera

Even though she has zero actual involvement in Denise Richards‘ drama with Brandi Glanville, Erika Jayne was very offended by Denise 1. talking shit about the other cast members (which they all do) and 2. Denise refusing to admit to a hookup with Brandi.

This whole “Denise doesn’t show her whole life” thing was beaten to a pulp. And news flash: no one shows her whole life! Ever, not even on a reality show. It’s impossible to show every single thing. And it’s just rich that the most notoriously private Real Housewives cast members have the gall to call out anyone for not being open. What storyline did Erika have this season? Other than hopping on the Denise-bashing bandwagon? Oh, right: self promotion.

It’s very clear to me that Denise has lied on many occasions. However, that’s not my issue. The issue that many viewers have watching this show is that the punishment doled out to Denise doesn’t fit the “crime.” Somehow, no one on this show condemned each other for outing Denise, which is a shame.

Fresh off of the final reunion, Erika appeared on Daily Pop to dish on Denise’s departure. She began, “You know, everybody internalizes this show differently.”

Erika even claimed, “I would’ve liked to see her stay, but she has to do what’s right for her and her family.” Oh, really? Erika wanted her to stay? Oh, right, it’s easier to maintain the same target from one season to the next.


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Erika explained, “I think the most frustrating part about all of this was that Denise could not even acknowledge what was said on camera.” I have to agree with this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Denise didn’t even watch the episodes. But, she did get to see a replay of clips during the reunion and she still denied saying certain things.

“So it’s kind of like irrefutable evidence,” Erika said. “And then just, ‘I didn’t say that,’…but it’s on camera!” But, evidence for what? Proof that Denise lied about one thing does not automatically mean she lied about everything else. And, again, I’m saying this as someone who recognizes that she’s blatantly lied a lot.


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Erika addressed Brandi’s absence from the reunion, saying, “Had it been any other Housewife in that situation, Brandi would’ve been seated right there to confront her. But she wasn’t…it puts us in a weird place—and you know this game better than me, Justin—so when the Brandi thing comes to light, we as a cast have to talk about it. And we’re dragged into it.”

Erika, you were not dragged into it. You chose to be a part of this. Add Denise to the list of 99,222 people who have called you “cold.” Big deal. You chose to be a part of outing a married woman with three daughters.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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