Discretion – Soundings Online

A Chesapeake Bay waterman prepares his pound net off the Love Point lighthouse as a tropical storm bears down on Kent Island, Maryland, in Marc Castelli’s painting Discretion.

“Leaving one’s gear in the water during such high wind and tidal events can destroy a pound net,” says Castelli, 69, who’s been painting scenes like this one for more than 30 years. “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

The bay and those who harvest from its waters have been the inspiration for Castelli’s workboat paintings over the years. (He’s also well-known for his dramatic, colorful America’s Cup paintings.) “Working alongside many watermen while they go about their business is how I gather my material for paintings and drawings and articles,” he says. Castelli even works as a waterman at times and carries his own Tidal Fisheries License; he’s fished with the family of the waterman pictured in Discretion for 15 years.

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