Where To Eat With Your Dog – London

You love your dog. Your dog loves your food. So it’s only natural that he or she wants to join you when you’re going out to eat. And you want the same. But some restaurants are fussy. Others aren’t friendly to those with fur. And some simply aren’t equipped to deal with more than one insatiably hungry species.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places in London you and your real best mate can go. Because they’d feed us a crafty sausage under the table if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t they?

Mildreds is a restaurant that’s reliably friendly. Just like your dog, as long as there aren’t any delivery drivers, cats, swans, scooters, vans, squirrels, and/or pigeons around. This Camden Town spot is one of London’s OG vegetarian restaurants and is just as perfect for a boozy vegan brunch at the weekend, as it is for a lowkey mid-week catch-up over their Sri Lankan curry with roasted cashews. We’re into how bright and airy their Camden spot is but you can also find them in Soho, King’s Cross, and Dalston.

Get ready, because we’re about to use the words ‘dog’ and ‘crystal chandelier’ in the same sentence. How exciting. This legendary French restaurant not only has velvet drapes, a near blinding crystal chandelier, and snails flambéed in pastis but they’re also dog-friendly. A quintessential Soho spot, this place is more beloved institution than restaurant. If you’re wondering what that means it involves being around since 1896, Mick Jagger visits, and daily cartoons of snails. Sounds exactly like the kind of place you and your dog should be spending a Saturday night, non?

You have no idea what you want to eat, and your dog just wants to eat everything. How to make you both happy? Mercato Metropolitano. This place is basically street food dining without the stress as it tends to be a lot less hectic than other marketplaces, and has plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to the food traders, you’ll find Neapolitan pizza, Uzbek dumplings, handmade pasta, Japanese okonomiyaki, seafood burgers, vegan Greek food, craft beer, and a whole lot more. But we have a real soft spot for Ophra’s gourmet hot dogs, and we’re pretty sure your dog will too.

The Good Egg is the place for all the good doggos out there. How we never got that job in marketing, we just don’t know. But, what we do know is that this is one of our all-time favorite brunch spots in London. The menu is Middle Eastern-inspired and everything is going to put a smile on your face, even if it is 9am. We’re talking egg and bacon pitas, hawaij-spiced chicken bagels, lots of labneh, and chocolate babka too. But heads up, both their Stoke Newington and Soho branches get pretty rammo at the weekend.

The pasta at Flour And Grape will give you a lot of feelings. Think Lassie reunion scene level, or ‘oh dear God I forgot the poop bags… no wait, wait, bloody yes, there’s one in my pocket’ level of feelings. This spot on Bermondsey Street serves excellent handmade pasta, has a gin bar downstairs, and, because dreams do come true, is also dog friendly. Don’t miss the pork shoulder tortellini.

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