NYC Restaurants Can Now Add A 10% Covid-19 Recovery Charge To Your Bill

  • Today the city council approved new legislation allowing NYC restaurants to add a Covid-19 recovery charge of up to 10% to their customers’ bills.

  • The Covid-19 recovery charge isn’t a tip for employees. This legislation was put into place as a way to give restaurants more financial support during the pandemic. Many places have closed as a direct result of recent financial challenges..

  • Restaurants can start utilizing this surcharge as soon as Mayor de Blasio signs the bill (which is supposed to happen soon). It’s only temporary, though. The legislation will last for the first 90 days after a restaurant resumes indoor dining at its maximum capacity. We’ll keep you updated on when the mayor signs the bill to law.

  • If the recovery surcharge is added to your bill, you’ll know about it. Restaurants are required to make this charge explicit both on your bill and on their menus before you order.

  • Delivery and takeout is not included in this new legislation. Also, chain restaurants with more than 15 locations, food trucks, and pushcarts are prohibited from enforcing a Covid-19 recovery charge.

Source: NYC City Council Legislation Text



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