Tools for Forecasting – Soundings Online

Choosing the right weather app, knowing how to use it and being constantly vigilant could keep you out of trouble.

There are countless ways to monitor and predict weather online, but for some, wading through the many choices can be daunting. Are you a mariner who enjoys weather analysis and forecasting or the type who wants simple apps with colors and arrows? The key to getting concise user-friendly information is to fine-tune your own device to efficiently deliver the information you need.

Most recreational boaters use a laptop, tablet or smartphone, relying on Wi-Fi or cellular broadband signals. Hopefully, Wi-Fi is available for planning purposes before you depart. Once you’re underway, coastwise at least, you still have a fairly good chance of accessing weather apps and forecasting sites with cellular broadband.

Simple weather forecasting can be done using free apps, which offer straightforward weather research and computer forecasting models that reflect real observed data and/or idealized atmospheric conditions, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Premium services, or apps that are purchased, often provide more detailed and customized features without advertisements.

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