GoCube – a smart Rubik’s cube that teaches you

Something I should have been good at as a child was Rubik’s cubes. I was not. I didn’t discover until years later that part of the reason these were so flipping hard for me was I was colorblind and as such I never really discovered naturally how to transition pieces into the right places as I’d end up discovering I had red and orange mixed up, or yellow and orange, or yellow and green.

I disassembled my couple of cubes many times to put them back because I usually could never get them back using my own skills. As a low-rate colorblind cube user I never really learned anything from it.

Many many years later and knowing I’m colorblind, I know if I want to play with a Rubik’s cube style toy I’m looking at sitting under very good lighting, and my adult brain never developed the neuro pathways that told me this, that, this and spin and you’re there. That’s OK though as they’ve got some really great tutorials that walk you through where you cube is currently, and how you go about solving each particular style of transition.

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