Southwest Goes High Cost, Long Beach Slots Settle, Spirit Hangs in the OC – Cranky Flier

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Southwest Airlines Intends To Serve Miami And Palm Springs, Calif.Southwest News Release
I most definitely did not see that coming. Southwest in Palm Springs makes sense. It fits a similar profile to the Steamboat Springs flying it will begin this winter. But the always expensive Miami airport? It’s not like in Boston and New York where Southwest effectively moved into the primary airport and cut back secondary airports. I can’t imagine that happening at Fort Lauderdale.

Video of the week: Kudos to Yeshiva University for this clever run through of new safety procedures as if it were an airplane safety video. (via One Mile at a Time)

Two for the road

Southwest Airlines Requests All Available Flight Slots at Long Beach Airport – LGB Press Release
JetBlue’s 17 slots at LGB were up for grabs, and… nobody wanted them except for Southwest. This isn’t a surprise. Now we just wait to see how those get scheduled. When we know what the schedule looks like, then I’ll have more to post.

Spirit Airlines grabs coronavirus opportunity, adds Orange County flightsTPG
Great plan. Spirit is going to feel real pressure around its network, so if it can get into tightly-controlled airports, that will provide some protection.

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