Cranky Dorkfest is Officially Canceled for 2020 – Cranky Flier

How can 2020 get worse, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you how. COVID-19 has now claimed its latest victim… Cranky Dorkfest. The event won’t be happening this year on September 12 as originally planned.

This year’s Dorkfest should have been happening two weeks from today, but I can’t in good conscience encourage anyone to gather, even if it is outdoors and socially-distant. As I write this, Los Angeles County is still on the watch list, and gatherings are prohibited. Sure, it’s possible this could be lifted between now and then, but it’s unlikely. And I don’t want to keep people waiting any longer.

Though it’s tempting not to consider this an actual “gathering” since the whole point is to just get a burger and hang out in the park, that’s splitting hairs to me. I still do not want to be promoting anything that could inadvertently end up with people congregating too close to each other and spreading the virus.

So, everyone find your home airport on the 12th and raise a burger high in the air as the sparse traffic departs overhead. We’ll do this again in person next year.

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