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This was really good and came together quickly. I did not let the eggplant sit for 20 minutes but I did still toss it with the sugar, salt and pepper as listed and I do not recommend skipping that step but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to let it sit for 20 minutes.
I used Trader Joe’s soy chorizo instead of pork and WOW highly recommend. Will be making this again!


I could eat my weight in this. I messed a few things up (burnt the fond + overcooked eggplant in the first step) but this could make its way into the seasonal rotation. Bravo – thanks for sharing.


Sohla, this recipe was great! Thanks for sharing it. I was going to post that I followed it exactly, then I remembered that I subbed chicken stock for water. The eggplant didn’t get mushy like some posted, but I made sure to use skinny ones. The garlic chips were such a nice touch!


I made this with Italian eggplants and after reading the reviews, I only added a cup of water and braised for fifteen minutes. Added sriracha, hope this isn’t a cardinal sin!! Will make this again for sure.

johnskakunAkron, OH08/26/20

I made this and on the first batch of eggplant, I started to experience the dry pot syndrome. Then it dawned on me that I am just putting a light browning on the eggplant and not really cooking them all the way through. That seems to happen in the later simmer step. After I figured out that part, it went better. I also subbed ground turkey for the pork and only had two eggplants. I cut back the water to only one cup. My only addition was Thai Basil because, it’s August and I have it in spades. I served it over Basmati rice and the dish was balanced and well-flavored. Will make again!


Loved this- super easy to follow, very flavorful and delicious! I added Fresno’s and Thai basil.

AnonymousPhiladelphia 08/25/20

While the flavors were good, I feel like I did something wrong. The dish was almost inedible greasy by the end. As I was pan-frying the eggplant, it kept absorbing all the oil which meant I was cooking the eggplant in a dry pot. I’m not sure how one accomplishes pan-frying eggplant without burning your pan and ending up with a greasy meal?? Following the recipe’s heat instructions, I ended up with both (my le Creuset might never be the same). If I were to cook this again, I would pan-fry in a non-stick skillet instead of wreaking my dutch oven and the meal.


I made this with the full amount of water (before reading the reviews). I suspect the reason some people found it too wet was because though the recipe calls for Italian eggplant, the picture looks like Chinese or Japanese eggplant, which has a more solid, stringy structure. I made this dish with long Chinese eggplant because that’s what I had, and the braising step worked well for me and wasn’t overly mushy. I’d recommend using the long skinny Chinese or Japanese eggplant if you can. Overall good flavor. I thought it could use slightly more zing, so after I tasted it as written I added a little MSG and a little diced chili. Definitely don’t skimp on the garlic.

AnonymousPasadena, CA08/25/20

This is REALLY good. I doubled the recipe, omitted the pork, and used 8 smallish bay leaves cuz I love bay flavor. I cooked the sauce down for 20 to 25ish min BEFORE adding eggplant back in because I wanted pieces instead of a silky sauce, then cooked about 7 or 8 min in the sauce. My boyfriend wanted more garlic chips, will triple those next time. This is a keeper. Pretty easy to make too.

finchsr86Vancouver, WA08/25/20

Unbelievably delicious. I don’t usually love cooking with eggplant, but decided to try this recipe out anyways. My kitchen smelled AMAZING while letting the dish simmer, and the end result… *chefs kiss*. Cannot wait to make again.


Not really sure how this was supposed to turn out, but the amount of water and braising time in this recipe turned my fried eggplant into mush.

AnonymousOttawa, Canada08/24/20

The recipe calls for too much water. I spent time frying the eggplant in batches and it all turned to mush when I simmered everything in water. I only simmered for 10 minutes and then added cornstarch to try and thicken the sauce.


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