What We Have Our Eyeballs On From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening right now and while I’d usually be taking this time to stock up on some new fall sweaters and boots, I felt a little bit lost this year. Am I still living in sweats? Will I ever go outside again? What do I actually need? What’s actually worth buying now as we head into what is going weirdest holiday season of our lives?

LUCKY FOR ME, I have a team who was ready, willing and able to share their picks from the sale with me (and now with you!). As a whole, we’re eyeballing some skincare, some athleisure, some comfy sweaters that make sense for both home AND the grocery store, some boots for kickin’ Ms. Rona to the curb. I even ended up finding some cute home stuff (honestly, I didn’t even know Nordstrom *carried* home goods…a whole new page to stalk!). So without further ado, here is a totally #notsponsored look at what our team ACTUALLY put in our carts from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale…

From Emily – Fall Refresh Essentials

This year, I’m just adding a few classic basics to my cart – jeans, boots, plain t-shirts, and workout clothes that will last me a long time. They’re comfy enough to wear at home all day with the kids, but I can still go out in public while wearing them and feel good and put together.

Aspe Bootie: I have last year’s version of these boots by this brand and I LOVE THEM. The ones that I have are very light and I’m not sure if these are, but I can vouch for the brand and comfort (two of my friends bought these and love them). 

Waterproof Rain Boot: This gray and orange combo is SO CUTE and takes what is super classic (who doesn’t love Sperry) and makes it fashionable. We are all going to be going on more walks and hikes this fall and winter (I’ve never been a hiker before and now I’m SUPER into it). I have enough rain boots, but the move to Portland might require another pair at some point. 

High Waist Cigarette Jeans: I like the cut and lack of holes, and having a new non-blue wash is never a bad thing. I don’t know the fit of this brand though, so if any of you can vouch for it let us know. 

Cotton Blend T-Shirt: I have this shirt in three colors. Def size down, it’s super oversized which I know is the style, but it’s like THAT oversized, so size down. 

Track Jacket: I have this in blue (I bought it during the last Nordstrom sale) and work out in it ALL THE TIME. There are cute little thumb/finger holes that make me feel like an athlete for whatever reason. 

Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans: I love the Dre cut of these jeans (I’ve had two pairs for over two years that I still wear often), so I’m curious if this cropped one has the same really good fit…. The normal Dre jeans fit low and slouchy in the crotch, but then more fitted in legs – not full drop crotch, but just a really good cut. 

From Sara – Mix and Match Basics

The main thing I want this fall – MIX AND MATCH BASICS. I want timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again, that don’t feel trendy, and that will transition between multiple outfits.

Combat Boot: These boots are a classic warm leather that can work with loose flowy dresses, with tights and cute skirt, or with any type of jean. Its heel makes it just a little elevated, but its unadorned leather keeps it basic and timeless.

Racerback Bodysuit: I’ve been really into bodysuits recently. They don’t bunch like tucked in shirts when worn with jeans or shorts, they give a smooth silhouette when worn with skirts, and they’re perfect for layering under sweaters. I HATE wearing camisoles or tank tops, but I’ve realized that’s just because I’m a bodysuit person! It’s probably all those years doing ballet…

High Waisted Jeans: Wide-legged pants have really found their way back in my outfit repertoire recently, and these look an ideal pair. Casual for with a cozy sweater and sneakers for a dressed-down look, or paired with those high heel boots from above, that black bodysuit from above, a leather jacket, and some winged eyeliner for the perfect fall evening lewk. 

From Ryann – Skincare

I know we were all supposed to figure out our skincare routines month 1 of quarantine but I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator. But, I think now’s the time I get the ball rolling so here are some products I am itching to try out…

Supergoop! Defense Refresh: I can’t tell you how many times I have applied makeup only to realize I forgot the most important step: SUNSCREEN. Up until now, I assumed there was no way to remedy this amateur move until I found out Supergoop Defense Mist exists. You simply spray it over your makeup for full SPF 40 coverage. GENIUS.

FAB & Flawless Kit: I have dry as the desert skin so I require really strong and effective moisturizer. I’ve used First Aid Beauty in the past and it hydrates my skin like no other. This package is perfect for me and it’s only $50!! Needless to say, I purchased it within seconds.

Clean Facial Cleansing Device: I’ll admit I am really bad with my skincare routine because, well, I don’t have one. I don’t have a favorite cleanser and end up just trying a new one any time one runs out. This device won’t fix that fact BUT I hope it will motivate me to get serious about my skin.

From Jess – Cute But Comfortable Tops

As proven in my month 5 quarantine wardrobe, comfort is still very much king. It’s likely part loving to be comfortable and part putting on those super fun quaran-pounds, making my normal clothes less than comfortable. But I don’t want to sit in my apartment, feeling frumpy because it’s just not good for my mental health or self-esteem. So I want to invest in some tops that are cute comfortable and are the kind that look good give or take those 10 lbs:) You know the ones. That way I am buying tops that have longevity which is important to me, the environment, and my wallet.

Tie Neck Peasant Top: This top follows a lot of Em’s blouse formula. I love the happy but neutral color (great for most seasons), the flowy body (wonderfully forgiving), detail of the neckline and of course the tie at the top to make it a little sexy if need be! PLUS it’s under $30. Done. 

V-Neck Nep Wool Blend Sweater: Ok so this isn’t a blouse but with fall coming up quick, I want some pretty but slouchy sweaters. They are my kryptonite. I LOVE the light blue color and honestly, it just looks really comfortable. It seems great a warm winter (like we get in Southern California) or with some added layers perfect for a cold, snowy winter.

Catch Me If You Can Top: I’m surprised how much I love this top because the pattern is VERY busy but maybe that’s why I love it?? I prefer the darker color combo and with a cute pair of jeans, this shirt looks like it feels like a vacation. Plus it’s flowy and the cuff ties are super cute. 

From Caitlin – Fall Decor Accents

I’ve cooled it on my fashion purchases seeing as I have devoted myself to a lifetime of joggers, tank tops, grocery delivery, and only leaving my apartment to meet with my realtor. (Wearing a mask — or, even better, a mask/sunglass/hat combo — makes me SO BRAZEN when it comes to being a scrub in public! I dress like a college student headed to the gym! Will I ever be able to actually put on regular clothes again???). Anyway, I’m late to the party because I had no idea that Nordstrom carried home goods so I had a fun time falling down the rabbit hole and bookmarking some favorites!!

Throw Blanket: It’s a confetti print in a more muted, toned down, fall-appropriate pallet. (I know what it looks like from the image, I promise that zooming in will clarify). There’s some nice olive, mustard, and navy in there so it’s colorful without being jarring or super saturated. I LOVE IT.

Toaster: Does anyone already own this? The reviews are good, but is it ludicrous to spend this much on a toaster? For what it’s worth, a core staple of my quarantine diet has been English muffins, so my toaster gets daily (if not twice daily) use…and it kinda would be nice to look at something that’s cute and rose gold, instead of a black box I picked up 6 years ago. Is this a good upgrade???? (Because if so…I’d obviously buy it on sale).

Votive Candle Set: OMG Y’ALL. These candles in these sizes are SO HARD to find. (They’re usually $55 for the full-priced versions). I’m normally a fan of clean or citrus-y scents (like cotton/linen or Capri Blue) buuuuuut I make an exception in the fall for these. I know what the descriptions say and I would NEVER normally gravitate to any of these scents just based on their names, but woooow they just smell warm and crisp and spicy and woodsy. Since fall is so short in LA and the burn time on these small versions is great, the votives are the best size to get me through a few weeks before I head straight into Christmas candle territory 🙂

From Mallory – 90s-Inspired Pieces

It’s no secret that 90s style has been back for a while, but it’s better than ever right now because it’s the perfect balance between quarantine comfy and chic. Let me make my case: it’s slouchy, roomy, but still a lil sassy for those days you wanna feel like you put on a more “elevated pajama.” Here are my picks.

Satin Cami: I’ve been searching for a good cowl neck top for QUITE some time (like actually years) and I finally found a good one. Plus because of this insanely great sale, it’s only $20! 10/10 Recommend grabbing it before it’s gone (and if you’re like me and don’t have larger ladies up top then I’d size down or that cowl neckline ain’t gonna be a neckline if you know what I mean).

Slide Sandals: I bought these shoes prior to the Anniversary Sale in pink and have been wearing them literally any time I leave the house (which I’ll admit isn’t much right now, but they are in fact comfortable enough to wear to a grocery store or to a restaurant’s outdoor patio so it’s a win-win). While the ones I bought were a really good price (especially for Jeffery Campbells), I love these with the clear heel maybe more, and they’re 40% off right now, so take advantage while you can!!

Flare Trousers: I’m a CPO kinda gal right now, meaning “comfortable pants only” of course. But just because ya pants are comfy doesn’t mean they can’t be CUTE. Nordstrom proved it with these and these (and they’re only $25 a pair!!).

SO THAT’S WHAT WE’RE EYEBALLING. (Or what we already own and what we can vouch for). The sale ends this Sunday, so you have a couple of days to pick out your own favs!

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Veronica Crawford | From: A Fashion Review: New Clothing on My Body and How I Like Them (Or Not)

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