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OAG Changes 8/25/2020:Cuts Begin for 21;DL DROPS NUMEROUS ROUTES INTL ROUTES FOR SUMMER 2021, Adds SEA-ONT,
Since I was on vacation, I didn’t post a look at last week’s schedule changes. But you can still get your fix with this weekly post which gets put up on Fear not, Skeds of air Lines will return next week.

Image of the week: Never before I have seen Yosemite so empty, and I’m sure it’ll never be that way again. This was as close to an aviation connection as it got on this trip. There was one trail that was narrow and crowded enough that we popped our masks on. But most of the time, we were on our own.

Two for the road

Interview: Wizz Air CEO Reveals His Abu Dhabi Emergence PlansAirways
You know the drill. I’m a sucker for an interview.

Privatizing Airports Is a No-BrainerThe Atlantic
It sounds so easy. Let’s just have cities sell airports and get a bunch of money. But it’s not that easy. You’ll remember Midway tried this and it failed to come together. The problem is that airports need revenue growth for investors to make money. And for a lot of airports, there are only so many ways to make that happen.

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