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The biggest question we’ve been asking ourselves all weekend here at EHD has been, “where do we go from here?” If you read yesterday’s post then you know we want to shift back to design content today, because design content is what we do here. But, does anyone even want it? Do we?? And most importantly, how to begin?

Unsurprisingly, one of the (many) realizations we made this past week is that we haven’t put effort into sourcing and equally representing home decor from the Black community. So this weekend I started putting a huge list of talented Black and POC designers, makers, and stores for us to shop from, share, and promote. And I found myself “adding to cart,” buying, and pinning a lot. Both for design projects in the works and myself. So I figured that’s where we start – how I am bringing the work of Black designers into my own home. It’s show and tell time, and it’s a lot of good stuff. Here goes.

That table lamp is insane. Sculptural, graphic, powerful – just a ton of impact, and the shade is perforated so I think the light it gives off would be magical. It was a collaboration between 52kibo (an amazing online store) and Aphrochic (a blog team who we’ve connected with over the years – Jeanine and Brian are awesome and leaders in the blog/design/media world). And I don’t know where to put that hanging lamp, designed by Candice Lawrence, but I want it badly. I’m imagining two over nightstands in a bedroom or a couple over an island (they come in white, too – but that blue and gold combo is obviously one I can get behind). I still need to replace the light over my dining table and I want to add some color over there, so maybe two of these is the answer. Also, she makes a mirror that is equally awesome.

Large affordable art is hard to find, as we’ve written about a million times. That tapestry from Bolé Road Textiles is 36 x 32″, is $119, and does NOT need a frame. That is high impact art for a great price. There aren’t many left (sorry, I bought one) so hurry if you are interested. I also love that pillow and it’s going on my new sofa that I have yet to show you. 🙂

The table on the left is by Jomo Furniture, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s jaw-dropping. I’ve reached out for the price, but if you are looking to add some African inspired contemporary furniture, check out Jomo Tarik, who is an Ethiopian American artist/industrial designer. The table on the right is from 54kibo, and designed by Ghanian designers Josephine Forson and her husband Kweku (that whole site is incredible – I pinned a ton from it). It’s headed into my living room soon.

I snagged the necklace on the right by Hadiya Williams (site is Black Pepper Paperie), but she has so many other pieces. The pillow on the left is graphic, with an awesome warm stripe (we’ve been really into hits of mustard lately). The site says “This collection, aptly named Bogolan [de]constructed, is symbolic of the evolution and timelessness of mudcloth design, originating in Mali, West Africa. We have distilled the architectural design elements that define that classic art form, and put them back together in original patterns and application.” There are a lot more that I pinned from that site – but that’s the one I bought. The site, xNasozi, has great pieces, founded by designer Nasozi Kakembo.

The site Goodee Co is an amazing shopping source. Everything is ethically sourced, founded by two black designers, and they give background on the “who”, “where”, and “how” for every product, so you just know it’s a responsible purchase. That Indigo lumbar is going on a bed somewhere in my future. The hanging light comes in different shapes and we highly suggest you mix them, because they are rad. They are handmade in Ghana, finished in Paris, and at $345 they’re a great price (please note the brass details).

Both of these pieces by Marie Borgos are edgy, beautiful and make a strong statement. I could see that hanging pendant lamp in a both a contemporary space, as well as a 200-year-old revamped brownstone. It is specific, and it’s also quiet and powerful. It comes in a few colors – I love the white and pink, too. And I’m seriously considering the blue bench for our living room (across from our new blue sofa – so many changes to show you!). The blue + leather details are WONDERFUL. Marie has designed awesome glass sconces and chandeliers in beautiful colors, with a heavy midcentury bent.

I love all things about my friend Justina Blakeney and I literally don’t know how she does it all. I mean, I do – she works her ass off. She’s on her 3rd book, has a blog, a billion home product lines, and now an online store chocked full (but selling out!) of awesome pieces. Now, it’s time for some art, so I started with hers as I have a personal connection to her and her paintings are beautiful (what can she not do?). That planter is awesome, and while the black and white one is sold out there are other colors available (it sold out before I got it, sadly). Also, does anyone remember when we both collaborated with Lake Bell and AirBnB? This was her pop-up “house”. Also if you don’t have her first and second book, you can buy them from her site and get a signed copy (read my review here.) I really recommend you check out her online shop. I for one, am very curious if this rug would look good in my kid’s bedroom with the canopy.

This list could go on and on, and we’ll keep sharing what we find – I pinned/bought a lot, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Stay tuned for a bigger, better resources list, but for now, I hope you enjoyed a snippet of the research we’ve been doing. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo and Design by The Jungalow

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