Billfish Head North – Soundings Online

Marlin, like this blue, are being found farther north every year.

From the high blue sky, cobalt water and puffy white clouds, one might mistake these fishing grounds for South America or somewhere in the Caribbean. Miles of open ocean are punctuated with high-powered sportfishing boats trolling for white marlin. It’s not unusual to see anglers standing in the cockpits of multimillion-dollar yachts, watching the spread of baits off transoms. These boats often travel the world in search of billfish, but they also troll waters here in the Northeast.

Why are more big-game anglers heading to this part of the world? In recent years, warm water has moved farther up the coast, carrying with it world-class billfish, including marlin. A fleet of boats owned by die-hard, no-holds-barred anglers follow the fish wherever they go, even into New England.

These anglers consider white marlin the ultimate sportfish. One reason is white marlin live in places few anglers can reach. In addition, it takes meticulous rigging and fine-tuned skills to fool the fish. But the best part of white marlin fishing is the incredible bite. Nothing beats the excitement of a white marlin taking the bait.

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