The Link Up: Emily’s “Grown Up” Purchases, Sara’s Eye Mask That Actually Helps Her Sleep, & The Book Ryann Can’t Put Down

design by jono fleming| photo by caitlin mills | via the design files

Happy Sunday folks. If you are wondering how to celebrate Easter this year, or just running out of things to do with your family, Emily wrote about what she is planning for today here. And if you aren’t celebrating at all and are looking for a quick and fun read, you’ve come to the right place! As usual, EHD has some great recommendations in store so let’s get to it:

Today’s home tour (via The Design Files) is the exciting, colorful treat we needed. Earlier this week we were talking about how people are embracing more color nowadays since we are in our homes so much more. Minimalism, it seems, is going by the wayside. Do you agree?

From Emily: “Brian and I finally joined the world of “growm-ups” as Birdie calls us and bought our first food processor (based on Brian’s research and reviews) and first mixer!!!! Brian insisted we buy the gray one on closeout to save money (I didn’t disagree since I have no idea how much use it will get) but I personally love the blue one more. :)”

From Sara: “I have this weird thing where at night it feels like I’m having to WORK to keep my eyes closed, and any little amount of light makes it impossible for me to sleep. I’ve tried several sleep masks, but just recently got this one and love it. It looks absolutely ridiculous, but it’s super comfortable, blocks out all light, and puts a nice light pressure on my eyelids which helps with my weird “eyelids working too hard to stay closed” issue.”

From Jess: “In a time when I feel like I should have all the time in the world to take care of myself, I haven’t been. So when I looked in the mirror two weeks into the quarantine with my dark circles, more blemishes than normal and greasy hair, I knew I that some outside self-care was imperative to my diminishing mental state. So after seeing one of my best friend’s instastories trying her hairdresser’s “How to Get Wavy Hair, No Heat Required” I thought THIS is it! Calla Dawn (her hairdresser) has a “Get Wavy” highlight on her profile giving you a step by step how-to and product recs. I bought what my friend uses for her perfect ways which is a wide tooth combthis reparative styling creme and this wave serum. They are not inexpensive as a set but the products smell SO GOOD and make my hair look and feel great (which makes me feel so much better). Now onto fixing those pimples”

From Julie: “Jess inspired me to purchase Slowdown Studio’s new puzzle. Added bonus it’s of Palais Bulles which is one of my favorite architectural homes in Cannes, France.”

From Caitlin: “Last year Em launched a design class with Skillshare (we documented the process here) about finding your own style. I signed up then (as the partnerships person, I truly drink the Kool-Aid for every brand we share on the site) but guys: I’ve been an actual, #notsponsored, real-life paying customer since then. I like the writing and drawing classes best, since those feel most accessible (no outside materials required, baby!), but there’s literally a lesson for almost anything. It turns out that Em’s link for 2 free months is still up and running, so I just wanted to share the wealth! If you want to learn something, for free, and don’t know where to start (or if you just need some prompts to get your creative juices flowing), it’s a fun resource to explore.”

From Ryann: “A few weeks ago at our weekly Zoom happy hour, as we were discussing the possibility of doing a EHD book club (stay tuned for that) Emily mentioned this book that she loved. Since it’s YA and is about teenagers almost kissing (Emily’s favorite genre) I bought it immediately – literally as we were on the call. And guys, I’ve stayed up LATE several nights because I can’t put it down. It just makes me think about my former high school self and it makes me sad, happy, lonely, yet completely understood. I haven’t cried yet but I cry when reading any book so I am assuming that will come very soon. Please tell me if you’ve read it and let’s talk about Lee!!!”

From Veronica: “If you haven’t seen John Krasinki’s Some Good News on Youtube yet, you need to stop what you are doing and watch RIGHT NOW. Especially episode 2. It is heart-warming, so funny, and uplifting for those of us who need a little sunshine in your heart these days. YOU GUYSSSS. It had me welling up like a baby!! I’m serious, go watch. Right. Now.”

From Mallory: “I’ve always been against tie dye. In fact, the last time I even considered putting it on my body was in the 5th grade when our class shirts were tie-dye. And even then, I felt uneasy and unsure…but quarantine is bringing out some weird stuff in me and I’m blossoming into a new Mallory. I would’ve never considered buying this before I spent every day in my house, but guys – I just pulled the trigger. In fact, I’m so into this whole tie-dye sweatsuit thing that my aunt’s friend is making me a custom one…and I cannot wait to spend every waking moment in it. I don’t know if I’ll still be into these when this is all over, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone informed. Wish me luck xx”

Lastly, today we want to start a fun (at least we hope) new segment. Every Friday we do a Zoom meeting/happy hour and we realized that in addition to discussing VERY important business, we usually end up diving into other topics that are sometimes controversial, sometimes just fun or interesting to us. This week, Emily asked a very polarizing relationship question: “Do you let your partner look through your phone?” Many of said yes, it’s no big deal. One of us felt STRONGLY that that’s such an invasion of privacy. So we want to know where you stand. Do you let your partner look through your phone? Do they know your password? And does your partner allow you to look at theirs? We sincerely hope this doesn’t cause fights, but we are VERY curious. Let us know how you feel about this and why. xx

Opener Image Credit: design by: Jono Fleming| photo by: Caitlin Mills | via: The Design Files

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