Help The Kids Learn Basic Math With Yamaha’s “Jet Ski Addition” Video Game | The Watercraft Journal

With much of the Western world in near-to-total shutdown due to COVID-19 (or “coronavirus”) many are struggling to find productive things to do. While Netflix and Disney+ may offer some entertaining diversion for the time being, sitting on your butt indoors can quickly drive one to the brink. Add to this the fact that public schools are now shutting down for extended periods and you’ve got a pressure cooker ready to blow.

Thankfully, some smart content developers are rapidly producing both educational and entertaining ways to get the kids from driving mom and dad bonkers. Yamaha WaveRunners recently announced the creation of an easy-to-use “Jet Ski Addition” math game, they wrote in a Facebook post, “Have some fun with this personal watercraft themed math addition game that lets you race other players. The faster you answer the questions correctly, the faster your PWC goes. For grades 1 through 6. (BTW, it’s fun for adults too).”

Pinning a quartet of WaveRunners in a drag race to the finish, the “Jet Ski Addition” game requires you to quickly answer the randomly-generated math questions using your computer’s mouse. Each question is multiple choice, so it shouldn’t take your 1st or 2nd grader very long to find the right solution. Give it a try. It’s entirely free and the kids should enjoy a little bit of educational fun while mom uncorks another bottle of whine.

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