Our Bedroom Update (Also How I Feel About Having A TV In The Bedroom)

It’s been 3 years since we moved into this room and of all the rooms in the house, this one has changed the least. Same bed, nightstands, lighting, dresser, rug, and window treatments. But as we were shooting an IGTV on how to make a bed, we realized that there were enough changes to shoot a little update post (plus there is one new friend in the room that a lot of you have been asking about).

That’s right, we put a TV in the bedroom. We know that the bedroom should be for sleep and sex, as told to us by many a self-help article. But here’s the deal, we don’t really have a TV in the house besides the projection screen in the living room and while it’s easier than you’d think to operate, sometimes it just feels super weird to be by yourself in a room at night with a massive projection of say, Chris Harrison. What must the neighbors think? Brian is gone a lot at night performing in plays and I just want to be able to put the kids to bed, cozy up, write and pin while watching something meaningless. FYI that’s literally how I started this blog and truly how I work best – it makes it feel like fun to be able to do it while watching something with a glass of wine. So not having a TV was truly affecting my career (which was my plea to Brian).

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 9

After much convincing (and a heated debate on social media) I convinced Brian to let me do it. Let me be very clear, if we had a TV room or literally any other room or wall that we could put a TV in the house we would have done that instead. But we don’t, and I’m alone 3-4 nights a week when Brian is in a play so it only seemed fair to have some company.

We bought The Frame because a couple of years ago I worked as its spokesperson, and I kinda can’t go back to a normal TV (it’s that good). No, I didn’t get it for free (although I tried). I have yet to download/purchase some of my favorite art so you are getting some Gustav Klimt 🙂

Our handyman dude threaded the cord through the wall (yes, he made a new hole) and plugged it into the outlet behind the dresser to avoid having to call an electrition to wire it up and put in an outlet.

Now to the rest of the room …

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 3

We had to switch out the roman shades on the left for curtains because we didn’t know that in the summer, the light would leak like CRAZY and blast right into our eyes. So yes it’s a lot of curtains but it does what we need it to – block all light.

Emily Henderon Bedroom Update With Tv Side By Side 1

I reupholstered the Target bench in this fun Schumacher fabric that I’d been hoarding for a while (it’s one of my favorites and sadly unavailable). Admittedly the stripe was supposed to go horizontal (longways across the bench) but when I got it back from the upholsterer I didn’t really know what to say or do because I wasn’t going to make them buy more fabric and redo it, especially when I wasn’t the one to drop it off so it may have been our fault or a communication issue. It’s also not a huge deal, but for the record …

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 1

My bedding changes all the time, but I’m pretty into this look with the navy pillows balancing out the blanket at the bottom. I took my own advice on how to make a bed and I’m trying every day to make it look nice (which does, in fact, make my day start in a more positive way).

I also took my own advice about hanging or placing art in interesting places, and put some pieces that didn’t have a home in the window and I LOVE IT.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 6

I also hung three of the pieces that I purchased from the Portland project (above the fireplace) by Addie Juell on a blank wall as you walk in, which I LOVE.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 8

They are the first things you see and they add a lot to the room, in a very quiet way.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 7

A year ago I was kinda “over” this dresser, thinking it was too traditional and granny for me, but THANK GOODNESS I didn’t make any moves because of course now that I’m leaning into “Eccentric English Granny” I love it again. I didn’t buy anything new for this shoot, just shopped what I already had.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 10

We debated the piece of art on Brian’s side because I realized that I have so much art that I love, so it’s time to just hang them. All three are great pieces, but what actually works in this room created the debate.

Side By Side 1

Ultimately I found that the dude (below) color-wise felt better in the room and more appropriate than the still life of buckets (which I like but like what is it?).

Waverly Master Bed 15

So there is where we’re at with this room. While I’m so excited to update the living room and finally working on the kid’s shared room, it’s nice that this room is just so stylistically easy and works so well for us.

As a reminder here is the difference between 3 years ago and this week.

Emily Henderon Bedroom Update With Tv Tv Side By Side

Am I happy I have a TV in this room? YOU BET. We do a family movie night on Friday nights and we all crawl in bed and it’s pretty darn dreamy. We don’t go to sleep with the TV on and when Brian is home we are good about watching an episode of something or just reading/listening to podcasts before bed.

But per usual I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings about it all…


**Photography by Veronica Crawford

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