Physical Science: Unit 1: Motion


Monday 1/6:

Due: None
In Class: Introductions, Student Information SurveyLearning Style Inventory, Register for Online Textbook, Metric Measurements, SI Units
HW: email me with questions.  3 items due tomorrow:

  1. Read and Take Notes Ch. 1 Sections 1-2 and write a question (Go to, click on your class, click on Shared Resources, and select the Flexbook 2.0 Physical Science – Bay High School, Chapter 1: Welcome to Physical Science, 1.1 What is Science?, 1.2 The Scope of Physical Science
  2. Signed contracts (2 signatures required!)
  3. Use the following links to determine your Learning Style and gain some study strategies (Learning Style Assessment 1, Learning Style Assessment 2).  Use this information to answer the questions at the bottom of the class handout.

Tuesday, 1/7:

Due: Notes on Ch. 1.1-2 and a question, Signed Contracts, Learning Style Handout
In Class: Metric Measurements conversions activityPre-Lab – Paper Airplanes
HW: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 2.1-2.2

Wednesday, 1/8:

Due: Read and Take Notes on Ch. 2.1-2.2
In Class: Lab – Paper Airplanes, Notes – Scalar vs. Vector Measurements
HW: Read and Take Notes Ch. 2.3, Airplane Lab Questions

Thursday, 1/9:

Due: Notes Ch. 2.3
In Class: Airplane Lab Discussion,Finish Notes – Scalar and Vector Measurements
HW: None

Friday,  1/10:
Lessons postponed today.  Today we take care of ourselves and each other.

Monday, 1/13:
Due: None
In Class: Lab Quiz – Paper AirplaneHow to use the GUESS methodDistance vs. Displacement Gizmo
HW: Finish Gizmo packet (NO online questions)

Tuesday, 1/14:

Due: Gizmo packet (NO online questions)
In Class: SGM – Pretest, Walking the Graph Activity, Gizmo – Distance vs. Time Graphs
HW:   Finish Gizmo – Distance vs Time Graphs (Activities A+B only)

Wednesday 1/15:
Due: Gizmo – Distance vs Time Graphs (Activities A+B only)
In Class: Finish Walking the Graph, Gizmo (Activity C)
HW: Finish gizmo Activity C, Test #1 – Linear Motion – Study Guide

Thursday, 1/16:

Due: Gizmo packet, Activity C
In Class: Position vs. Time practice quiz, Introduce the concept of Velocity Graphs
HW: Notes on Ch. 2.4, Test #1 – Linear Motion – Study Guide

Friday 1/17: Bay High School Closed for Funeral

Monday 1/20: No School – MLK Day!


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Tuesday, 1/21:
Due: Finish Gizmo Packet, Read and Take Notes on Ch. 2.5
In Class: Demo – Velocity Graphs (Ramps), Gizmo – Velocity vs. Time Graphs, Notes – Acceleration
HW: Test #1 – Linear Motion – Study Guide, Finish last page of Velocity-Time Graphs Gizmo packet

Practice Quiz:, use code: 769698 (new code)

Wednesday, 1/22:

Due: Completed Velocity-Time Graphs Gizmo packet
In Class: Finish Notes, Lab – ruler catch (testing reaction time)
HW: Finish collecting ruler catch data, Test #1 – Linear Motion – Study, use code: 769698 (new code)

Thursday, 1/23:

Due: Ruler catch data, Test #1 – Linear Motion – Study Guide
In Class: Gizmo – Free Fall Laboratory, Review for Test #1
HW: Study for Test #1,, use code: 005428

Friday, 1/24:
Due: Study for Test #1
In Class: Test #1 – Metrics, Linear Motion, & Graphing, Introduce Forces
HW: Read and take notes on Ch. 3.1

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