The 5 “Accent” Color Trends We Are Extremely Excited About in 2020

design by chzon | photo by karel balas | via dezeen

We here at EHD like to consider ourselves design risk-takers with a decent amount of design common sense (aka design ideas you might actually want in your own home). Especially when it comes to color. But to be fair, who doesn’t love to ogle over or dream about a bold colored living room? However, unless you are the type of person that is actually willing to take the risk and paint your living room say, cobalt blue, then the reality of “color trends” tends to be moot. Now, how we like to look at color trends is by thinking of them more as “accent” color trends. Let’s be honest, the colors we paint our walls generally stay pretty much within the same color palettes every year. Yes, there was a time period when gray was king, dark blue became a popular bold option and last year the cool beige movement was in full force. But most of us are unwilling to take that scary leap into colorful walls.

So what better way to bring in the hot colors of the year than by dabbling with a vase, accent chair or fireplace surround (ok, that’s still scary but at least less surface area)? It’s fun, easy, typically more affordable and way less labor-intensive if you end up changing your mind. But then again maybe some of these will make you want to take a leap… So without further ado, let me introduce the colors of 2020. It’s going to be a colorful year and we can’t freaking wait.

1. Cool Mint

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends2
design by dean studio | photo by daniel salemi | via dezeen

This color has been popping up ALL OVER and I am personally on board. It feels fresh and happy but still (no pun intended)…cool. This is actually one of the only colors that I think the “colored wall averse” types could get on board with. It’s both visually soft and packs enough punch which makes it a great accent color.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends3
design by india mahdavi | photo by architectural digest france

I think the trick here is to make sure it’s paired with bold, modern shapes and/or colors. A great example is this seat cushion. It’s a perfect, softer (but still fun) accent to the other more bold details of the space. If you don’t do this type of pairing, you run the risk of your home feeling like a dated seaside retirement home. Not that that’s bad but likely you will want to wait to dive into the “retirement chic” look until you need to.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends4
design by tsai design | photo by tess kelly | via the design files

See? I told you it works as a wall paint color. In this kitchen by Tsai Design, the contrast of very cool-toned green with the warmth of the natural wood and modern leather handles perfectly balance with each other. The color is quiet but still brings a lot more personality than a white wall would have.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends5
via sight unseen & the swedish design museum

But as you can see just popping in a few pieces makes a huge impact. It’s neutral enough but the color sprinkled in adds a surprising and fresh feel.

2. Ruby Red

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends6
design by sisällä | via the design files

Remember when Emily asked herself if she could handle a bright red accent in her living room? Well, that was for good reason because reds are back people. But we are predicting that while we plan to see bright red too, it’s the dark ruby red that will be the star this year.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends7
design by sally breer & adrie costanza | photo by laure joliet | via etc for short

Look at how lush and downright delicious it is?! Ruby red is the kind of color that says you are confident and passionate about your design choices because this is about as bold as it gets.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends8
design by flack studio

Since this color is so visually powerful we think that including it into your space in smaller doses, like a planter or tile accent, is the way to go if you love it but want to leave your walls more on the neutral side.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends9
design by david flack | photo by sharyn carins | via est living

This color has us very excited about what 2020 has in store for our eyeballs.

3. Cobalt Blue

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends10
design by jessie schuster | photo by joshua mchugh | via domino

If you are looking for a jolt of energy into your space and like the color blue then ladies and gentlemen, cobalt blue is for you. This color started to come on the scene with the explosion of the postmodern trend. It was squiggles, tubular furniture, and cobalt blue. So while 2019 was its modern-day birth year, 2020 is going to be its big year.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends11
design by sophie lou jacobsen | photo by william geddes | via clever

This is definitely one of those colors that we recommend in small but impactful accents for most people. We, of course, would never want to discourage someone with a strong cobalt blue design vision but guys it’s a BIG color to have a lot of in one space. See how great it is with just that built-in bench designed by Sophie Lou Jabsobsen?

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends12
design by richards stanisich | photo by felix forest | via est living

You might be wondering what the difference between cobalt and the 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue is…The answer is electricity. I know that may sound like nonsense but cobalt is the brighter, cooler and more electric version of its classic counterpart.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends13
desing by reath design | photo by laure joliet

As shown in all of these photos, it’s a great color for any room or style that needs that touch of unexpected. It has magical powers to instantly make any room cooler.

4. Chartreuse

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends14
design by studio shamshiri | photo by stephan kent johnson

Yes, the color of the liqueur of Parisian monks is also one of our 2020 colors. It’s as if lime green and neon yellow had a baby in France. Beautiful but only palatable when sparingly used. Ok, I think that’s enough with the alcohol comparisons.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends14
design by reath design

Chartreuse has been very hip on the fashion side of things. And as Emily has always said, expect what’s on the runway to creep into interiors. But honestly, I like it. It’s unexpected and with the right amount can easily spice up a traditional styled room or bring some electricity to a modern space.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends15
design by carrier & company | photo by sam frost studio | via architectural digest

See that little chartreuse knot up on that shelf? It’s fun and youthful and makes me want to know who the heck these cool people are. Chartreuse is on the loose:)

5. Emerald Green

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends16
design by reath design | photo by laure joliet | via remodelista

Now for our last and final color trend prediction… Emerald green. It’s pretty hard no to love this color. It’s rich, happy and makes us think of emeralds which are undeniably beautiful. But much like the other saturated colors on this list, it is design gold because of the life it breathes into a space.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends17
design by tahma smith | photo by prue ruscoe | via est living

What is so wonderful about emerald green is that it brings a ton of richness to a room without overpowering it. It has more of a “hey, just happy to be here,” vibe instead of a “HEY, LOOK AT HOW BOLD I AM,” which ruby red does a better job of as shown perfectly in this photo and room designed by Tahma Smith.

Emily Henderson 2020 color trends18
design by timothy balon | photo by mariko reed | via domino

So because of it’s more “calming” effects, we think you can go a little bigger on the accent you choose but maybe still be careful if you decide to go all-in on a wall color.

That’s it for our color trend predictions…for now. We are sure to see more surprises as the year progresses and don’t worry, we will definitely be reporting on those too. But all we have to say now is have fun with color. Life is too short for it not to be at least a little colorful. And if you are stuck when it comes to wall paint colors we’ve got you with this list of our favorite neutrals and this list of our favorite non-neutrals.

So what do you think? Are you jumping for joy that some jewel tones are here? Are you scared of color and wish this list never grazed past your eyes? Do you have any favorites? Let’s talk about it.

Love you, mean it.

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