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Chronicles is an information delivery system with aggregated content from diverse sources inside and outside of the Chronicles collaborative community. To be wise we must be well informed. The unwise fail to discover and implement the best solutions to personal and societal problems because they are not well informed.

At Chronicles247 (C247) we think of ourselves as Chroniclers. Wise Chronicler Awards are given to Chroniclers who offer solutions judged by C247 community members to be meritorious.

There are three levels of Wise Chronicler Awards: white vested, brown vested and black vested awards given for good, better and best solutions to problems respectively.

White Vested Awards go to those who create good solution(s). Brown Vested Awards go to those who create better solutions. Think of the Black Vested Wise Chronicler Award as evidence the recipient’s problem detecting and solving skills have been evaluated by the Community and found to be the “best”.

Equate it to the “Black Belt” worn by one who has mastered the martial arts. Wise Chronicler Award recipients can be individuals or Groups.

Wise Chronicler Awards are given out whenever the number of Chroniclers addressing the same shared problem exceeds thirty-five (35).

Become part of the solution to society’s unprecedented problems by one or more of the following:

Subscribe to C247 and become wise by staying well informed.

Become a regular Chronicler by creating your own blog here at C247.

Purchase a Chronicles License to Publish your own Chronicles on the C247 platform.

The platform is available for licensed use by news organizations or individuals dedicated to doing the hard work of honest journalism.

We define honest journalism as an earnest commitment to discovering truth regarding the what, why, who, when, where and how of the issues and events affecting our lives.

Once discovered, truth demands reporting without fear or spin. This is authentic journalism. An honest journalist is a truthful Chronicler of what is discovered in the pursuit of knowledge.

The world faces unprecedented challenges. Limiting our sources of news and information will not provide the knowledge needed to govern ourselves successfully and to select the best solutions to our problems.

To Be Wise, Be Well Informed.

Content found at C247 is aggregated from multiple sources purposely to provide diverse points of view on the issues that make the news.

In today’s polarized environment it is difficult to be well informed if one limits news sources to either one source or multiple sources predisposed toward one political point of view.

Since we do not sign paychecks, Chroniclers who blog at C247 are free to speak their minds unencumbered by what they think the “leaders” of Chronicles might want to hear.

Note To Professional Journalists

To professional journalists we are not saying “Stay away”. We invite everyone concerned about our shared future to join us and use the tools found at C247 to help anticipate, identify and solve problems.

All are encouraged to join us in an effort to make it more difficult for anyone to cling to non fact-based positions. A principal goal here is to empower thoughtful individuals who focus on solutions rather than ideologies.

Our platform facilitates a Collaborative Community effort at solving shared problems through the creation of virtual communities of individuals who share concerns about the social, political, environmental and spiritual health of their town, region, country, and the world.

By working together collaboratively, each of us becomes informed and enlightened to an extent non achievable if working in isolation. With Chroniclers all over the world identifying, investigating, and chronicling issues of concern we create the best knowledge based solutions to the many problems we face.

We invite all those committed to discovering truth to join us in this worthy endeavor.

What You Can Do

Subscribing to C247 is an easy way to have access to updates regularly that help you to “be wise by being well informed.”

You could also become a Chronicler by establishing your own blog here at C247.

If a Chronicles has not been created in your town to cover local news and events you (or someone you know) might qualify for a License to Publish Your Own Chronicles on our robust platform.

No Billionaires

You may be pleased to learn the Chronicles system of news gathering and reporting is not under any billionaire media giant’s control, any government control nor is it under the control of any one individual or small group of individuals.

Hundreds of individuals living in each community govern the operating activities of their local Chronicles. The operational Bylaws every Chronicles adheres to were modeled after the United States Constitution.

The Bylaws grant the local territorial governing body the power to remove a Chronicles Publisher if adherence to Non Partisan Pursuit of Truth® is not consistently maintained.

Local area residents elect members of the bicameral governing body and the members are “term-limited”.

Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Control over the content delivered at each Chronicles is widely dispersed among hundreds of individual users. This is necessary because no single individual or small group of individuals can be trusted with the power of the press. The reason being: we are all human.

The surest way to maintain a news organization worthy of that rarest of attributes, i.e. the trust of the people, is to put the power of the press in the hands of the people.

Join the Chronicler Community and establish your credentials as a Wise Chronicler able to focus attention on issues of importance and to offer viable solutions to society’s unprecedented problems.

What kind of future will you, your children and grand children have if society’s systemic problems are not solved? How can problems be effectively resolved if truth in journalism is not restored?

Returning to truthful journalism is essential. When more of us know the truth, we are better equipped to demand the right solutions. Only by identifying real problems and confronting them with the right solutions, can we make the world a better place for us and for those who follow.

Solved problems improve the economic climate. A better economy directly affects not only our personal well being but also our ability to help others solve their problems and advance their pursuit of happiness.

If you live in an area that does not currently have a Licensed Chronicles, and if you are willing to work harder then you have ever worked to build a local news team ready to apply Non Partisan Pursuit of Truth® to identify and solve shared problems, you should consider leading an effort to establish a Chronicles in your town.

Everything needed to operate a successful local news organization is available under a Chronicles License to Publish. All the local Team needs is the people power to employ the Chronicles new gathering and reporting tools in their local area.

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